This program is customized for your specific certification needs. The 3-step process is designed to ensure that participants are able to demonstrate consistent levels of proficiency and communication with internal and external teams.

1. Educate – The customized curriculum and certification criteria are developed specifically to meet your objectives. Training can be delivered in a variety of settings from live meeting to home study.

2. Evaluate – Options for evaluating learners include live settings (one-on-one, workshops), video, WebEx, or eLearning.

3. Validate – Learners are assessed using a proprietary certification algorithm. Participants scoring 85% will be validated, while remediation is provided for those not meeting the objectives.

 is recommended for:

Patient Support Teams:

  • Communication methods and interview skills certification

–  Ensure appropriate patient interaction techniques

–  Optimize interview skill proficiency

–  Confident facilitation of difficult patient interactions

Field Team Training and Certification:

  • Clinical and customer engagement skills certification

–  Ensure clinical and competitive content mastery

–  Facilitate effective utilization of a selling model

–  Optimize customer engagement skills

Compliance Training and Certification:

  • Critical thinking exercises, compliance gray area discussions, and tips and tricks for navigating the ever-changing compliance landscape

–  Identify and review outstanding risk assessments to know where to take necessary action

Speaker Training and Certification:

  • Effective presentation skills and audience engagement for trainers, speaker’s bureaus, patient support and field teams

–  Facilitate audience involvement and participation

–  Handle the difficult audience

–  Redirect conversations


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